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Want to make excellent money in golf?

Join our affiliate program. For every person you send to this site that buys a putter, you will make 20 % of the total price of the putter. Our putters cost $ 179 - $ 399 each. This is the difference between us, and everyone else. Most programs pay this percentage on their profit. Therefore, it is hard for you to determine what your profit would be with another affiliate program, as they usually hide this detail. With us you know right up front, how much money you can expect per sale! We will pay you 5% for your second tier affiliates sales. Anyone who signs up for our affiliate program, from your link will be your second tier. For each putter they sell, you will get 5% of their sale.

You do not need a website to make money!

You can sign up for our program, even if you do not have a website. We give you tools to make money. You can send e-mails, or just send people to a special page that will be given to you. Have them enter your affiliate code, and if they purchase within 6 months you will get paid. Furthermore, anybody who signs up for our program under you will be your affiliates. You will get paid on the second tier affiliates (see below). All without even a website! This is power. If you purchased a putter yourself, every-time you golf people ask you; Where did you get that from? (We know this). Why not sign up for our program, then every-time someone asks you about your putter, you can make money. Golfers who see these putters in person, always want one for themselves!!

We give you sales tools, other affiliates dream of!

Our affiliate program is loaded with tools, that make it easy for you to make a sale. We not only give you text links for your site, we give you ads, banners, and even an offline promotion code. Yes, you can even make money without buyers coming directly from your site. Real time statistics, 2nd Tier statistics, Payment History, Commission Details, Text Ads, Text Links, E-mail Links, Offline Marketing, 2nd Tier Linking Code, and E-mail Link to friends. You can log-in to your account, and check your detailed statistics 24 hours of the day.

Our program is new!

Have you ever tried to sell someone else's products, and they are already being sold all over the web. This is called , "Saturation". It is a little more difficult to sell a product that is saturated. Our products and this program is brand new. This means you have no competition!

Tired of other affiliate programs that don't deliver?

We not only made sure that our affiliate program caters to super affiliates, but we also catered to small time affiliates. You do not need a minimum balance to receive a check from us. You make a sale, and you will get paid on our payday regardless of the fee.

Automatic Paypal Payments:

If you have a Paypal account, then we pay once a month directly to your Paypal account. No waiting for a check from an international location! This is instant payment on payday! If you do not have a Paypal account, then it is real easy to create one. (Paypal is not required for affiliates living in the USA)

How long do I get credit for a visitor that I send to your site?

We track our visitors for a 6 month period. The reason for this is to benefit you! Let's say you send a visitor to our site, and the visitor decides to purchase 5 months later. We track for 6 months therefore, you will get paid for this purchase even though you sent them 5 months previous! This is another difference between us and many other affiliates. We realize that you are our backbone. We do everything in our power to make sure that you get paid, if you sent the visitor who purchased! Remember, this also carries over to your second tier sales!

* Your personal information will never be sold or given out to anyone! We respect your privacy.

Sign up or log in here:


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